EQ NewsPaper is currently under construction. If you would like to be
notified when the Paper is complete for your State, or If you want to
be a contributor of news material,
please contact us.

EQ News is a free online NewsPaper. The NewsPaper will follow
standard Journalism-style news reporting.  At this point it will contain
more of a recap of news from the previous weeks that readers might
have missed. It is called "The SunDay Paper" and will be updated
every Friday. There is "Select News" that is  never old. This, too,
will be included.

EQ news is designed to cover a lot of territory
. We doubt one will run
out of new material to read in between updates,
even though EQ is a
* SunDay Paper.

We believe that EQ NewPaper will grow rapidly.  We are in the beginning
stage.  We have found that if one waits until one has everything that's
needed to get started, one often never begin. On the other hand,once
one starts: doing whatever can be done, using whatever resources are
available -- the project immediately becomes alive.
EQ News
* The SunDay Paper is doing just that.

We are currently seeking advertisers. After viewing the layout of the
EQ News website, if you want to advertise on the website,
please contact us. All 50 States are included because as a Union,
we depend on each other beyond just tourist dollars. Many readers
do not realize that. The goal is to have Select News contributors from
each State feed their local news into EQ News
* The SunDay Paper.

EQ News will seek the "Good, Bad and the Ugly" in America. Investigative
reporting shines light in the darkness. Many times it is the only light.There
are many things that have damaged the quality of life and dreams for
middle class America. T
o help fix "The Broken" we will also seek, and
follow-up on, solution-news from the Government and select Corporations.  
We will make an extra effort to report more educational and historical
news as well. Our goal is  to help  inspire new-found hope, pride and
respect in America -- and for America.

Of course, we will report on entertainment. We all need and crave
entertainment to give our minds and bodies rest from the heaviness
of the world. Laughter is good for the soul.

We are not denying that bad news sells faster than good news. However,
there will always be more than enough bad news. EQ's goal is to  balance
the bad news with a little more good news.

Just as "We The People" cannot  thrive without Hope and the belief that
we can fulfill our Dreams, neither can America. We ARE America...

Sincerely, We Thank You.

EQ Newsletter
EQ News  The SunDay Paper