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8 Tax Moves to Make Now
How to stay on track despite this season’s tax delays
By Eva Rosenberg | MarketWatch – Mon, Feb 4, 2013 10:48 AM EST

Transmitters have been storing up tax return data for weeks, just chomping at the
bit, waiting for the starting pistol to go off. Finally, this week, the IRS opened the e-
filing gates. See:
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What's the fastest way to pay college debt?
By Dr. Don Taylor, Ph.D., CFA, CFP, CASL | Bankrate.com – 18 hours ago

Dear Katie,
If you have federally guaranteed student loans (instead of private student
loans), you may have consolidation options that reduce the size and
number of payments. Consolidation options are not as easy to structure
with private student loans.

Also, you may want to check out a new loan program called the Pay As You
Earn Repayment Plan. It was created for eligible Direct Loan Program
borrowers in December 2012. If you qualify for this loan program, it can
reduce your monthly payments.
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2013, the year for new beginnings.
Do you have a bucket list?

AlterNet / By Paul Buchheit

5 Ways Privatization Is Poisoning America

We all live better lives when the common good is not for sale.

March 10, 2013  |   
This article was published in partnership with  GlobalPossibilities.org.

It gets more maddening every day. Essential human needs are being
packaged into products to be bought and sold. The right to food and water,
education, health care, public spaces, and unrestricted speech shouldn't be
based on who can pay the most, or on who can generate profits with the
slickest marketing pitch.

The free-market capitalism that drives our economy is a doctrine of
individuals pursuing profit. Nothing else matters. An executive for Roche,
a healthcare company, said "We are not in the business to save lives,
but to make money."

With privatization of the common good we risk losing both our heritage
and our humanness.

1. The Taking of Public Land

Attempts to privatize federal land were made by the  Reagan administration
in the 1980s and the Republican-controlled  Congress in the 1990s. In 2006,
President Bush proposed  auctioning off 300,000 acres of national forest in
41 states.

The assault on our common areas continues with even greater ferocity today,
as the euphemistic  Path to Prosperity has proposed to sell millions of acres of
"unneeded federal land," and  libertarian groups like the  Cato Institute demand
that our property be "allocated to the highest-value use." Mitt Romney admitted
that he didn't know "what the purpose is" of public lands.
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Twinkies and Pabst Blue Ribbon are a match made in heaven

PBR's owner, which just bought the signature Hostess brand, has proven
it can resurrect old products with smart rebranding campaigns.

By Ryu Spaeth | March 13, 2013

Like peas and carrots, these two.

Proving once more that Twinkies are indestructible, the brand was rescued
from near-death on Wednesday when it was sold to private-equity firm
Apollo Global Management and food company Metropoulos & Company.
The sale caps a months-long ordeal for the classic snack, whose fate
was thrust into limbo when parent company Hostess declared bankruptcy
in late 2012.

Under the $410 million deal, Apollo and Metropoulos are also buying
other signature Hostess brands, including Ding Dongs, Ho Hos,
Sno Balls, and Dolly Madison Zingers.
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