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Together, We Can Mend The Broken...
Luxor, Egypt (ancient temple near Nile river)
Temples of Abu Simbel, Nubia, Egypt
Africa's sunset
La Digue, Seychelles
Abu Simbel at Night
Make a Wish (Bronx Slave Market, 170th Street, New York), 1938
Members of the 32nd and 33rd Company’s Women’s Army
Auxiliary Corps basketball team, playing a game of
basketball. Fort Huachuca Arizona ca. 1939-1945

Photograph of the Links Social Club, Los Angeles, ca. 1938
Dorothy Dandridge with beauty pageant contestants. Los Angeles,
California 1946
Photograph taken at the trial of Emmett Till by the
infamous civil rights photographer, Ernest Withers
who also doubled as a FBI Informant.
26th May 1963: American Heavyweight boxer, Cassius Clay (later
Muhammad Ali), in New York, dressed like a city gent in a suit and a
bowler hat and carrying an umbrella.
Cesar Chavez and Bobby Seale meet students from Malcolm X
Elementary, 1972.

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