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Together, We Can Mend The Broken...
A jam session with Duke Ellington. Photograph by Gjon
Mili. 1940
Finding the unmarked trains designated for blacks involved
guesswork. Passengers had to jump across tracks, and some were
killed by express trains
Bob Marley & the Wailers & The Jackson 5
Diahann Carroll performing at JFK’s birthday party in 1962, with
Marilyn Monroe in the crowd watching. She looks pretty

Bern Keating, 1954, Mississippi / USA
‘Blacks seated in back of bus under Mississippi segregation
law’ / from ‘Black Star’
DeWitty/Audacious, Nebraska (1908
Children of Black Homesteaders in
Cherry County, Nebraska
Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee they are a perfect example of
everlasting Black love!!!! 52yrs of marriage!!
Mnemba island, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Coco Island, Seychelles
Somali coastline
Kalandula Falls, Malagne, Angola
Maletsunyane waterfall, Lesotho
Africa - Ethnolinguistic Map of the Peoples (1972)
Published in December 1971 with the article “The Zulus: Black
Nation in a Land of Apartheid,” this map is a supplement to the
“Heritage of Africa” map printed in the same issue. Featuring a
physical map with the names of groups and their languages,
this map also contains beautiful illustrations and interesting
facts about the diverse peoples that inhabit the continent.

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Janet and Michael Jackson